Thank You from the 2021-2022 Scholarship Recipient

Chloe Gobble

Stow, OH
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

How has this scholarship had an impact on your
Being a recipient of the North Coast Cleveland Alumni Scholarship has
had an extremely positive impact on me. Being able to receive this
scholarship has relieved a considerable amount of financial stress over
college. Additionally, my scholarships have also helped to promote me
to work my hardest in college. They have been a gigantic honor in that
individuals I have never met have invested in my future. They have
helped to remind me to be focused on both my educational and career
Please provide a statement of thanks to the donor
who made your scholarship possible.
Thank you! I really have appreciated having individuals who have
invested in my future! This scholarship has been an extreme honor as
well as a reminder to continue working hard for my academic goals.
Additionally, the scholarship has led me to be able to focus more on my
education because it has made school more affordable. I really
appreciate the financial support and everything that allows me more
freedom to accomplish. I would again like to thank you, as I am so
grateful for the people who helped to support my future and education.